Dedicated Family Farmers Rooted in the Community

Phillips Farms is a 300-acre northwestern New Jersey farm, owned and operated by members of the Phillips family in Holland Township for more than 200 years. We, owners Marc and Holly Phillips and our family, today sell our exceptional fruits, vegetables and plants directly to you, our customers, through the Farm Market, area farmers markets and a popular seasonal pick-your-own operation on the farm itself. Many local and New York City restaurants buy directly from the farm and rely on its high-quality fresh produce for their seasonal menus.

The secret of success

Here at Phillips Farms we grow an extensive variety of produce and plants. For example, we currently grow 36 varieties of apples, over 20 varieties of raspberries and hundreds of varieties of vegetables. We painstakingly choose varieties of fruits and vegetables based on flavor, color, disease-resistance and how well they will grow in our area. We seed and plant weekly throughout the entire growing season to provide you with an uninterrupted supply of produce.

We pick our crops at just the right time, allowing them to ripen to exceptional flavor before harvesting. We store our some of our crops in coolers through the winter so you can enjoy them long after harvest. In our greenhouses, we choose varieties based on color and performance so your garden will thrive all season long.


Tucked away in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Phillips Farms lies directly across the Delaware River from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We are a little over an hour away from Manhattan and Philadelphia, and 30 minutes from the Lehigh Valley. Marc’s family of German immigrants settled on the home farm of 40 acres in the historic hamlet of Amsterdam in 1806. Previous generations on the farm grew peaches in the late 1800s and then ran a dairy herd and other livestock along with crops to feed those animals. Here, the sixth generation of the Phillips family – Marc and Holly, together with their daughter Megan, son Jason and his wife Chrissy – work with many dedicated employees to produce a diverse array of fruits, vegetables and flowers and to keep the legacy of this beautiful farm moving forward.

Marc and Holly Phillips began farming here right out of college, planting vegetables and fruit trees, and constructing the first greenhouse. While Marc ran the farm, Holly juggled farm tasks with caring for their children and working as a registered nurse. Over the years since, Phillips Farm has grown exponentially. And, after pursuing other careers after college, Megan, Jason and Chrissy, now in their 30s, have returned to the farm fulltime.

In addition to family and a dozen hard-working permanent staff, approximately 40 dedicated seasonal agricultural guest workers on visas from Central America return year after year. We also offer local young people the opportunity to have their first job by working at the Farm Market and at Pick-Your-Own.