Make a Day of It!

At Phillips Farm, one the most exciting times of year is Pick-Your-Own season, when we invite you to experience our farm at its best by picking fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers and pumpkins. Enjoy a relaxing day outdoors in the peaceful countryside surrounded by orchards and farmland on what many customers have called the most beautiful farm they have ever visited. If you believe – as many do – that the best food is what’s grown closest to you, plan to visit Phillips Farms soon.

Phillips Farms has two Pick-Your-Own locations. One is at the Main Farm, located at 91 Crabapple Hill Road, Milford, and the other is at the Farm Market, located at 564 Milford-Warren Glen Road, Milford. There are different crops at each location. It’s fun and easy to visit both locations on the same trip! The farms are only 2 miles apart.

We do not charge an entrance fee to enter our farm for picking, but we do have a $5 picking minimum per person. All fruits and vegetables are sold by the pound.

What’s Available

The best way to get the most complete Pick-Your-Own information is to sign up for our weekly emails. Find out exactly what is available for picking and at which farm location. We include prices in the weekly emails. We also have a recorded message line at (908) 995-0022 that is updated daily with important information, including what is available for picking and at which farm location.

Find out what’s available for picking by checking our Crop Calendar and our Apple Ripening Calendar.

Navigate with Our App

Phillips Farms has its own app for Pick-Your-Own to help guide you around our farm and orchards. Once you arrive at the farm, scan and download our QR code onto your phone. The color-coded map will help you navigate to the best picking areas of the day.

Fall Harvest Days

Starting the weekend after Labor Day, we have free tractor-pulled wagon rides at the Main Farm on weekends. The wagon stops at all of the apple, fruit and pumpkin picking areas.

2023 Season

This year Phillips Farms will be offering strawberry, blueberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, sweet cherry, sour cherry, blackberry, peach, nectarine, gooseberry, currant, plum, pear, Asian Pear, grape, pumpkin and apple picking. We also have vegetables available for picking including peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. Flowers for picking include snapdragons, zinnias, marigolds, salvia and sunflowers.

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Pick-Your-Own Guidelines:

• Call our Pick-Your-Own recorded information line at 908-995-0022 before coming out to the farm for a daily recording of the most up-to-date picking availability and information.

• Only Phillips Farms buckets are allowed (buy new or bring yours from last year) for picking. Buckets can be purchased at check-in for $2.50.

• There is a picking minimum of $5 per person.

• We take great pride in our farm and crops. Please be respectful of the hard work that goes into making this possible and of other visitors. It is important to us that our farm is an exceptionally positive experience for everyone.

• Pick only in designated areas. Our picking areas are carefully selected on a daily basis with consideration given to the ripening schedule of our fruit.

• We are a working farm. Please drive slowly and carefully, and be respectful of the machinery and the people working. Observe all rules and read our signs for the benefit of all our customers and employees.

• For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and must be under proper supervision and control.

• If you drop any fruit on the ground while picking, we ask that you please make every effort to pick it up and purchase it so that no fruit is wasted. Many labor-intensive hours go into the care of our crops.

• Pick only the amount of fruit that you are prepared to pay for.

• Do not eat fruit that you have not paid for.

• Leave your pets at home. Our farm is required to adhere to health regulations and food safety protocol. Only those service animals recognized by the ADA are welcome; emotional support/companion/comfort animals are not covered. Please refer to the guidelines at

• Wear appropriate clothing for the weather, and don’t forget hats and sunscreen. We recommend wearing closed-toed shoes for your safety. There are a lot of bees, sticks and uneven ground.

• Fields may close early if sold out, and during active thunderstorms.

• Do not climb on or shake the trees. This will damage fruit and can break tree limbs.

• Please be considerate of all our customers and observe our non-smoking policy.

• Credit cards are accepted with a minimum purchase, but cash is preferred.